Men's Health Services

The preventive men’s health clinic is run by two general practitioners with a special interest in men’s health and sexual health

The clinic provides a personalised medical service to men looking for a review of their general health such as assessing for cardiometabolic disease and disease risk, prostate health and sexual health (this will include hormonal health evaluation)

A highly specialised Testosterone Therapy (TTh) service is also available which deals with this often overlooked area of health despite being the second most common endocrine disorder for men (For more information we use the BSSM Guidelines)

Consultations are approximately one hour long which will include medical history and examination along with a very detailed blood panel

The emphasis and philosophy of the clinic is a preventative approach enabling the body and mind to optimise hence there is a strong focus and advice on exercise, nutrition, sleep, stress management and lifestyle habits that reduce inflammation in the body

The clinic also provides a no needle no scalpel vasectomy service - Vasectomy-Ireland