Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make an appointment?

You can make an appointment by leaving your information on the contact form including your contact number or you can call Martina, our Medical Secretary, directly, 087 2455957.


How much does it cost to attend for consultation?

The fee for a first appointment is €300 and approximately €100 for blood work.  This includes a comprehensive medical and lifestyle history, full physical examination and a wide screen of blood tests.  Consults take approximately 1hour.


How often would I need to attend if I start treatment?

This depends on treatment modality but follow up ranges for 3 monthly to 6 monthly visits.


How much are return fees?

The fee for a return visit is €100 plus cost of any additional blood work required.


How often will I be required to have blood tests?

You would have blood work done at least 6 monthly.


Will I be seen by a qualified registered Doctor?

Yes: all Doctors are Irish trained GP’s with a specialist interest in Men’s Health.


Will I be seen by the same Doctor each time I attend?

Yes: we will endeavour to ensure continuity of care by ensuring you attend the same doctor where at all possible.


Do I need a prescription for treatment?

Yes all treatment offered are prescription based.


Do I have to inform my own GP if I start Testosterone replacement therapy?

We would advise that you make your GP aware of any medications you have started either with us or elsewhere.


What side effects could I experience on Testosterone replacement therapy?

Occasionally there are complications with this treatment such as but not limited to; gynecomastia, acne, fat loss, mood swings, prostate enlargement, sleep disturbance- especially in those with Obstructive Sleep Apnoea, testicular size reduction and hair loss.  As with all treatments other unforeseen complications can occur but generally treatment is well tolerated.

TRT may cause changes in red blood cell levels and PSA levels, these plus other biochemical markers will be monitored with periodic blood tests.


Is this treatment covered with medical card?

No, this is a private Men’s clinic, however our rates are very competitive for the comprehensive assessment offered.


Can I self-administer treatment?

This depends on the modality of treatment prescribed and is discussed on a case by case basis.

Will treatment affect my fertility?

Yes, those on Testosterone often have a decreased sperm count but it is not a means of contraception.  We advise anyone who is considering TRT that they should not be planning a family.


What happens on a first visit?

A full lifestyle and medical history plus a comprehensive physical examination and wide panel of blood tests on every initial consult.  This takes approximately 1 hour.


How long will it take to feel the benefits of Testosterone replacement therapy?

User variance applies, but often within days to weeks.


Will I have to have a physical examination?

Yes, a full comprehensive physical examination will be given on each initial consultation and periodically thereafter.


I have self-administered Testosterone in the past, would this effect the chance of me being treated?

This will depend on our assessment and blood analysis.  Each case is taken on an induvial basis.  We do not condone self-treatment but are non-judgemental in our approach to patients with an emphasis on a patient centred solution.


What blood tests are done at a first visit?

Comprehensive blood test includes:

HBA1c              Liver Panel        Renal Panel       PSA Total          Cholesterol       Calcium

Phosphate        Magnisium       Transferrin Saturation               FSH                  Prolactin

Testosterone Total                    Oestradiol                                LH                    Cortisol

FBC                  SHBG                Thyroid Profile                          Free Testosterone


Do I have to be a certain age to attend?

No, we are happy to engage with all men for an initial consultation.


Will I be given treatment on the first day I attend?

No, any treatment is based on analysis of past full history, examination, and comprehensive blood test results.


What happens if after the bloods are done my testosterone is not low, can I still have treatment?

Testosterone is offered to those who have symptoms and test low for Testosterone, however we take into account not only Total Testosterone levels but also free Testosterone results.  Often other conditions are detected in our screening service which require medication other than Testosterone.   


Will Testosterone replacement therapy interfere with the medications I am on from my own GP?

Advice will be given on a case by case basis, a full past medical history is recorded during our consultation.


Can I get a copy of my blood work?

Yes.  Absolutely these are your results and a copy can be issued to you at any time.