Men's Health

The Good Lifestyle

This is the optimisation of health for men for the way that particular person wants to live their lives and achieve their goals over the long term. This in turn involves Identifying the specific pitfalls in health, both from a genetic point of view and environmentally for the individual. Eventually the goal is the realisation and adoption of daily habits that empower the body to be at its best for all men regardless of their starting point.

Optiman is number 1 – The adoption of repeated daily habits that promote healthy gene expression has the most profound impact on our overall physical, mental and spiritual health. This has to form the basis of health, any other way is only a temporary solution. Some examples of these habits are : a healthy relationship with food, daily movement or exercise, good sleep hygiene, meditation, cryotherapy etc.

Screening for genetic and environmental risk – This involves a deep dive into an individual's health history, a thorough physical examination and various tests to look for possible risks for disease or for existing disease in order to halt or reverse the process.

Intervention – This is the tailored plan for each individual based on best practice, evidence based medicine relative to the information previously gathered. This can be specialist referral, lifestyle advice and or medication where deemed appropriate and safe.

Monitoring – A key component to health management is follow up consultations and testing when necessary to provide safe and effective care. Three monthly follow up appointments are advised and in some case’s if there is an active diagnoses more regular monitoring may be required.

    Empowering Men.