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Breast Cancer

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Patients are often surprised to learn that men can develop breast cancer. This misconception likely arises because many do not consider men to have breast tissue. However, both men and women have similar breast tissue until puberty. During puberty, female hormones cause breast development in girls, while male hormones prevent this in boys.

Fortunately, breast cancer in men is very rare, with only about 18-20 cases diagnosed each year in Ireland.

The most common symptom of breast cancer in men is a painless lump in the breast. Other symptoms can include nipple discharge (often blood-stained), a tender or retracted nipple, ulceration, or swelling of the breast. In some cases, the lymph glands under the arm may also be swollen.

Due to its rarity, men might ignore their symptoms and delay consulting a doctor. Consequently, the cancer is sometimes advanced by the time it is diagnosed. Early treatment is crucial, so it is important to have any symptoms checked out as soon as possible.

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