Men's Health

General Health Lifestyle and Prevention

We provide services for men concerned about their General Health.
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For many reasons, men are generally poor attenders at doctors. Men unfortunately generally do not prioritise their health and often develop poor lifestyles. They very often initially attend at the request of a female partner. We recognise these factors at our clinic and encourage men to attend and engage in a long-term healthy lifestyle by:

Developing a lifestyle plan with the patient stressing our four pillars of preventative health as the cornerstone of care namely the development of a:

  • Healthy relationship with food
  • Sound Sleep pattern
  • Stress management Plan
  • Mechanical intervention for optimum muscular health

We encourage realistic goals to achieve successful outcomes:
The main issues men present with include:

    • Raised blood pressure, heart disease and concerns about their overall Cardiovascular Health
    • Sexual health, issues around sexuality including low libido
    • Urinary and genital problems/concerns
    • Work/relationship related stress and fatigue
    • Alcoholism
    • Smoking cessation

    By engaging with our patients, the staff at our clinic aim to make positive interventions by treating, managing and supporting men and linking them to further appropriate resources if required.

    Empowering Men.